Central Sales & Service, Inc.

Track and Railyard

Track and Rail productsCentral Sales & Service, Inc. manufactures five products for use on tracks and in rail yards.

We offer two types of track pads that reduce the impact of railcars on tracks and in rail yards. Our Lilypad is an elastomer/fabric filled pad used to absorb the continuous impact created by railcars on frogs, diamonds, trucks and bridge structures. We also offer elastomer track pads used primarily under passenger rails, switch plates, crossings, etc. These pads protect tracks from the constant impact of railcars – lengthening the life span of rails and hardware.

Our Transponder Covers protect transponders from damage caused by dangling brake lines and weather. As well, our AEI Tag Covers protect AEI tags on cars from the elements. Both are constructed from safety-yellow EPDM rubber and are ozone and weather resistant.

Lastly, our patented Wheel Chock is designed with aluminum handles that keep the installer at a safe distance, keeping hands and head clear from the rail and rail car. The chocks are manufactured from fluorescent, safety orange polyurethane and include "super" magnets to anchor the chock to the rail.

  • Lilypads
  • Track Pads
  • Transponder Covers
  • AEI Tag Covers
  • Wheel Chocks