Central Sales & Service, Inc.


Molded PiecesWe are equipped with presses as small as 6 inches up to 42 inches. These presses can produce parts that weigh from 1 gram to as much as 100 pounds or more. Our molding department includes endless vulcanizing, corner injection and rubber-to-metal capabilities.

Central Sales & Service, Inc. has over thirty 6 inch presses. These are used to mold everything from small grommets to large corner injections. We also have larger molding presses that can be utilized to make several small or large cable cleats – all at one time.

Many of the large parts we mold are made in multi-cavity molds, allowing us to keep our labor costs down. Other complex products, like the 8 inch nuclear rod protector boot, require large precision molds made in big presses.

In most instances, the same compounds we use for extrusion can also be used for molding. This allows us to vulcanize or injection mold parts, such as window gaskets, out of the same materials as they are extruded.

Most of the molds we use are machined on-site, some are sub-contracted and others are supplied by our customers. We have the capability to work with existing molds, allowing us to have our customer's production up in a minimum amount of time. If you are having trouble with your production – we can help you with your mold design as well.