Central Sales & Service, Inc.


Fabricated Parts and Secondary Operations

Our Fabrication Department encompasses more than 25,000 square feet and is devoted to various operations including machine and light metal work, sewing and gluing.

round padPneumatic Pads

We manufacture more than 30 types of pneumatic pads used in the transportation of dry powders, such as flour. These consist of fabric and felt materials with sealing flanges. These pads provide uniform airflow, have air-tight seals and minimal sag. They won't fray and are rot and mildew resistant.

End of Car Diaphragms

endofcarOur End of Car diaphragms for passenger cars are tubular diaphragms ranging in size from 6"OD to 10"OD. They can be manufactured with or without the gutter strip. All metal parts are made in-house from stainless or aluminum. Tubes are made from 70 durometer Neoprene and reinforced with two piles of fabric and vulcanized longitudinally to size and length.

Secondary Operations

CNC and WaterjetCNC Machining – Mill, Lathe, Water Jet Cutters

Our CNC Mill operates with a palletizing system that eliminates scrap and nonconforming product, maximizes part quality, on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness.

Our water jets have CNC and NC capabilities. They provide computer programmed parts (i.e. gaskets, cable cleats) that are precision cut on an entire sheet of material. Engineering changes require no new tooling – just a quick program change.

Cutting and Punching

With our specially designed cutting and punching equipment we can produce parts ranging from 16 foot bellows for autorack cars, to small rubber hydraulic reservoirs used for small pumps, to gaskets for nuclear containment doors.