Central Sales & Service, Inc.


Our product line encompasses various industries with an emphasis on the rail market. We manufacture rubber products including gaskets, molded rubber parts, cable cleats, pneumatic pads and more. With over 7,000 prints on file, we can manufacture products from an existing design or modify or create a new one per your specifications.


Products for locomotives include window and door gaskets, head bumpers and arm rests, traction lead boots, and a variety of gaskets and cleats.

Passenger Rail

End of car diaphragms, sound damping materials, window and door gaskets and cleats are all manufactured at our facility for the passenger rail market.

Freight Rail

We manufacture a wide variety of gaskets and other fabricated parts for freight cars such as plug door gaskets, gate gaskets, pneumatic fluidizing pads, end of car diaphragms, O-rings and more.

Industrial Products

Our extruded and molded rubber products for the industrial market include everything from rubber hydraulic reservoirs for small pumps to gaskets for nuclear containment doors.

Track & Railyard Products

We offer several products for track and railyards including various track pads, transponder and AEI tag covers, and our patented wheel chocks.

Patented Products

Central Sales and Service, Inc. holds patents to five products including various gaskets and our super-magnet wheel chocks.