Patended Products

Patented Products

Through observation of our customers needs, Central Sales & Service, Inc. has taken the initiative to create innovative products. Several of which have turned into patented, proprietary products.


TrueSeal Dual Durometer Gasket #5,829,358

This gasket has a hard core with soft sealing portions. This patented design allows for high torque without distorting the gasket. Central Sales & Service, Inc. has produced many versions of this gasket, and several are being utilized in the freight car industry.

quad gasket241 Quad Gasket #7,487,616

The 241 is a redesign of an older style gasket. It creates a water tight seal on boxcars that contain a plug type door. When the 241 is compressed it folds around itself creating four separate sealing points in two different areas.

Steel Coil Cover Gasket #6,439,132B-1

This gasket pertains to steel coil railroad cars for the transport of steel coils. Particularly, it provides for the effective protection of the steel coils from contamination by water and/or dirt during transport in inclement weather.

Retro-fit Gasket Assembly for Railroad Hopper Car #5,586,772

The Retro-fit Gasket provides an improved gasket assembly to retrofit the seal between the opening and its hinged door of a railroad hopper car.

Wheel Chock for Chocking #5,685,397

wheel chockOur wheel chock with handle allows the user to set the magnetic based chock while safely distancing himself from the freight cars. The wheel chock is virtually indestructible. We have experienced cases where locomotives have driven over our chocks and they have survived in order to be used again. The chock is available in different sizes and designs.