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Central Sales & Service, Inc. employs two separate cure systems on-site, continuous cure and autoclave cure, which gives our customers flexibility and helps meet their stringent demands.

Continuous Cure

The rubber leaves the extruder and is passed directly through a high temperature curing agent such as molten salt, super heated air or both. This allows for long lengths that may be placed on reels or coiled into large boxes. We use the latest computer controlled equipment for our continuous cure production. This provides an advantage to our customers because it gives us the ability to produce high precision and close tolerances in all their rubber extrusion.

Autoclave Cure

Autoclaving rubber permits us to make large or custom formed parts. The rubber is extruded onto round pans or long trays. It is then placed into the autoclave, a large pressurized and steam-heated vessel, where it will be cured. If a customer wants it with a bend – we ship it with a bend.